Fulton Book – List of Names
The following Index of Names appears in the book, Henry Fulton Griffin  1867-1893  A Portrait through Correspondence. Much of the book is comprised of numerous letters written to H. F. Griffin by his friends, schoolmates and family. The original, handwritten letters are being offered to verified descendants of the letter writers for $4.00, to cover the cost of postage and a mailer. Please understand, that in some instances, a name listed in the Index may be merely mentioned in the body of a letter, which was written by someone else; those letters would be offered only to a descendant of the actual letter writer.
Also, the correct spelling of your ancestor’s name may differ slightly from what is shown in the Index. This could be due to the difficulty I encountered in reading certain handwriting, ink fading or in the case of names only “mentioned”, the letter-writer may have been unsure of the correct spelling.
The Index also is not sorted by where the letters originated. Please contact me at gatorbytes1@aol.com with the subject line of: “Fulton letters”. I will reply as soon as possible whether or not your ancestor matches the specific origin of the letter, and is the actual letter writer.
In any case, you may wish to consider purchasing the book itself, which provides a personal look at the lives of many individuals struggling in the post-reconstruction era after the Civil War. More detail about the book, as well as pricing information, may be found in the main portion of the website: www.thesnowbirdpress.com. Thank you for your interest in this project. 
Rhys Griffin Llewellyn, Evergreen, Colorado.  
A: Alexander, Anderson, Arledge, Armstrong, Austin
B: Bailey, Ballenger, Barnes, Barnett, Barre, Barrows, Beachum, Beck, Begg, Beidler, Belcher, Bennett, Bidding, Billard, Bird, Birmingham, Blythe, Bond, Bonner, Boone, Bowen, Bower, Bowers, Boyd, Boyle, Branch, Braswell, Brent, Bricker, Briggs, Brock, Brooke, Brown, Buchanan, Buckner, Burrough, Burrus
C:Campbell, Capers, Carpenter, Carter, Caudle, Cave, Chastain, Christman, Christy, Chronister, Church,Clark, Claxton, Clearking, Clingman, Cole, Collins, Corey, Covington, Cox, Crawford, Crim, Crosby, Crump
D: Darden, Davis, Dennison, Denton, Detwiler, Dewhurst, Dielin, Dunford
E: Egerton, Ellis, English, Evart
F:  Farrow, Fen, Field, Finley, Fisher, Fletcher, Foote, Forest, Forte, Foxworthy
G: Gaddy, Gale, Garland, Garren, Garrison, Gash, George, Glenn, Glover, Godwin, Goodwin, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Gregory, Guest, Gurley
H: Harden, Harmon, Harris, Hart, Hawkins, Hawley, Haynes, Hayward, Hearner, Henry, High, Hightower, Holbrook, Hollyfield, Horne, Howell, Hyatt
I: Irby
J:  Jacobsen, Jeter, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jowers, Justus
K: Kemp
L:  Lancaster, Lawrence, Ledbetter, Lee, Letchworth, Lewis, Lind, Lorne, Lowery, Lowthorp, Luton
M: MacDonald, Maddrey, Maloney, Martin, May, Mayfield, McClain, McColl, McConnell, McCracken, McCraw, McHale, McIver, McKnight, McLemore, McRay, Medill, Medley, Miller, Mitchell, Monroe, Montgomery, Moody, Moore, Mordy, Morris, Morrison, Moses, Murphy
N: Nelson, Newton, Nicholls, Nools
O: O’Neal, Orr, Osborne, Owens
P: Parker, Pasey, Paty, Pearl, Pearse, Pearson, Penniton, Polk, Pope, Poultney
R: Ray, Reubsan, Rhodes, Rice, Rickman, Ripple, Risinger, Robertson, Rollins, Rose, Rushing
S: Sally, Sanders, Sanford, Savage, Scagg, Scaggs, Selyns, Semmour, Sentell, Shelton, Shepard, Shipman, Sikes, Simmons, Sinclair, Sledge, Smith, Sowry, Stags, Stansell, Stein, Stillwell, Story, Stradley, Stradly
T: Talmadge, Taylor, Terrell, Thayer, Thomas, Thompson, Tomlinson, Towles, Tucker
V: Valentine
W: Wailes, Walker, Walters, Watson, Way, Welch, Welling, Wharton, Wheeler, Whiting, Whitmire, Whytenbar, Wilhoit, Williams, Winslow, Wood, Woodfin, Woods, Worby, Worley, Wright
Y: Yarborough, Young
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